Peace in Schools

When Peace in Schools came to STCK Design seeking support for a social media campaign, we were thrilled. As strong supporters of the Peace in Schools mission, our team was eager to get started.

In the winter of 2021, we provided creative direction/branding/graphic design and implemented a digital marketing strategy, led by STCK’s digital marketing expert Dave Smith, for the Pause for Peace campaign that reached ten’s of thousands. Throughout this process we developed a close relationship with Peace and Schools and felt the tremendous impact of their work in the community.

We’ve since shifted into a rebranding and web design process that has included a deep dive into the transformative work of Peace in Schools – not only through their nationally recognized curriculum, teacher training tools, and student impact – but through the energy and emotion of, “Liberating Mind and Heart”, and how to best represent this visually in texture, color theory, composition, illustration, and language.


Dave Smith, Digital Marketing
Jonny Barragan, SEO Strategy
Meredith Thomas, Copywriting
Estefania Rivera, Web and Graphic Design
Jo Ann Kassebaum, Illustration


Creative Direction • Logo • Branding • Web Design


“My favorite thing about working with the STCK team is that they really listen, that they are experts at what they do, and that means I don’t have to be an expert, in all things brand and marketing. We’ve really grown to trust each other and it’s all based on connection and relationship. They’ve taken the time to hear us, they’ve taken the time to get to know our team and our mission. STCK Design is a team that really cares.

So, if you’re another nonprofit, if your looking for not just great marketing, but a great partnership — I literally cannot recommend STCK Design more.”

Janice Martelucci
Executive Director of Peace in Schools

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